J.E.W Color dictionary 4.7

J.E.W Color dictionary 4.7



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Date Added:09 March, 2014

Author: AOBO Co.,Ltd

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This is a color dictionary for Japanese colors, English colors and web safe colors. It is a good tool to reference all kinds of colors.

J: Japanese traditional colors and JIS colors.
E: Colors named in English.
W: Web safe colors.

The main contents of this dictionary include:
1) 517 Japanese traditional colors, it is the only dictionary in App store that contains so much Japanese colors.
2) 269 JIS colors(147 Japanese colors, 122 Colors from world)
3) 140 colors with English name.
4) 216 Web safe colors.

Features of version 4.1:
1, Contents: The list of well-known colors and detail information of each color can be found. the color information includes: RGB, HEX, HSV, CMYK, Munsell value and JIS code.

2, Bookmark: In the color detail information screen, the color can added to bookmark by touch (+) button, you can add max 100 colors into bookmark.

3, Background setting: All the color sample can be set as background color only by touching it. you touch it again to unset it.

4, Searching: In the search screen, the color can be searched by inputting kana, kanji, english word, munsell value or JIS code.

5, Zoom in/out, each color sample screen can be zoomed in/out to your favorite size.

6, User settings: users can customize the application to their favorite style and customize color of yourself.

7, Support landscape and Portrait mode.

Supported Language: English, Japanese, Chinese


1, The color showing on the screen is depended on the device you used, the device shows the color to you basing on RGB value.

2, For the well-known reason that there are not exact English words for corresponding Japanese traditional color, this application is localized only for the words in contents, the left part only JAPANESE is available.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Systems: iOS

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